‘Working 9 to 5’…

…try 9 to 6 Dolly. Part-timer.

I have been away from my blogosphere for a while – I’ve been out earning a living! Now I can’t write about unemployment (woop!) I thought I’d write about employment and see how it goes. I’ll also take the opportunity for a general catch up ­čÖé

So my new job; my official title is Customer Services and Marketing Executive (snazzy), for a snow sports company. Somewhat unfortunately for me the offices are in Cardiff and I live in Bristol, however, somewhat fortunately for me my parents live a four minute train journey away from my new work place! This means I am now spending three nights a week (Monday – Wednesday) back at my parents. This has had one particular consequence for my life…

Now, I don’t know if anyone has heard about the 5:2 Diet, or the Fasting Diet but it’s basically an eating plan based around starving yourself for two days a week. My mum swears by it and starves herself on Mondays and Wednesdays and in the hope of general personal improvement, I’ve joined in. This ┬ámeans I spend Mondays and Wednesdays starving my arse off, suffering from the shakes and suppressing the urge to hiss at people on the train, and the rest of the time stuffing my face. Literally. Surprisingly enough I’m yet to see any positive results. I’ll keep you posted. If I can stuff my face for five days a week and still lose weight, I’ll put up with the shakes and hiss at innocent strangers forever.

Even though I have been in employ for a month, because of an initial work trip (crazy four days in France, I’ll tell you about it if I pass my probation) and my annual week in St David’s (Viking night was a highlight) this week just past was my first full week in work, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s such a nice feeling to feel useful again! And happily pooped at the end of a working week. I’ve spent this weekend chilling out, trying not to spend my first paycheck in three months, in two days and stuffing my face.

I am now enjoying my Sunday sat in my favourite chair, waiting for a Poirot double bill to start, curlers in hair and sherry in hand, thoroughly satisfied with my lot and finally feeling hopeful for my professional future. Thanks for reading all about my unemployment, stay tuned for the rest.

Sunday Afternoons