“Who are you dressed as today?”…

… is often a question put to me by my immediate family and close friends.

This is because I have a life long habit of daily dressing up. I don’t know why but every day when I open my wardrobe I decide who I’m going to be and dress accordingly (this is a lie, I decide up to two days in advance – I need to know if I have to schedule in ironing time), for example on Wednesday I dressed up as a children’s TV presenter (of an art programme specifically – bright pink jeans, sparkly shoes, a denim shirt, in hindsight it wasn’t one of my best).

Dress-up fashions
CBeebies attire…

Last week I was dressed as Joanna Lumley on a winter safari (no regrets about that one).

This particular personality trait of mine often inspires laughter in my nearest and dearest. For example when I got home from work dressed like this…

Fashions and Dres Up
Me being a Parisienne female explorer/wildlife photographer from the 1920s.

…Chris burst out laughing and insisted on taking a picture. He hasn’t quite picked up the art of guessing who or what I am dressed as yet (my sister gets it almost every time but she’s known me for 24 years). Quite clearly I am dressed as a Parisienne female explorer/wildlife photographer from the 1920s; a continental female Indiana Jones; the first woman to ever have photographs published in National Geographic. That sort thing.

So I have decided that whenever I get home from work and Chris laughs at what I am wearing I will document this outfit on my blog, if only to understand why he finds it so funny; I think it’s perfectly normal behavior.

On Saturday I walked out of my dressing room (we have a spare room, we should have made it a guest room, but I put a dressing table and a wardrobe in there instead…) to a little burst of Christopher’s giggles…

Dress-up Fashions
Me dressed for a casual spring day in Paris, circa 1967.

Again, quite clearly a casual spring-time stroller, in Paris, in the 60s, I’m even wearing a neckerchief! The whole of last week was very French themed – I’ve been watching a lot of Audrey Tautou films recently, but I’ve run out of ones to watch on Netflix now so God only knows what I could end up looking like next week.

“Mega Lolz…”

… I hear the student who’s walking past me say, in a rather droll, bored manner, as if she doesn’t find it funny at all, which is presumably why she couldn’t muster herself to say “that’s pretty funny!” instead. She’s also wearing a Barbour jacket, how can students afford Barbour jackets?

I am Totally Awesome
How I dressed during my entire childhood, all my student life (and what is turning out to be a large amount of my adult life).

I work in an area of Cardiff called Cathays, which for those of you who don’t live in this wonderful city (unfortunate) this is where ALL the students live. I’m pretty sure that if you walked into a letting agency in the area and told them you were over 22 years old they’d laugh you out of there. Most days I escape the small grey box that is my work place to spend my lunch breaks sat in the large window of a “studenty” cafe and “student watch”. Ahh the hilarious (and sometimes disturbing) fashion show that is “student watching”. Here are 10 attire related pieces of advice I wish I could shout at the those higher education loaths that languish past the window daily:

  1. Your blusher is making you look aggressively embarrassed.
  2. You have won a place at university which presumably means you are a generally intelligent person (or, if Michael Gove has had anything to do with your education, you can regurgitate knowledge you’ve temporarily crammed into your brain, which I consider a skill) so why can you not read a calendar? Yes it’s sunny outside but that does not automatically mean it’s warm outside, has no-one ever heard of a “crisp” day? Take those flip-flops and shorts off right this minute and go and find yourself some sensible brogues, a cosy jacket and go and Google “the seasons”.
  3. Those jeans don’t fit, your either going to get chaffing or thrush, either because they are so tight they’re making you waddle or because you shouldn’t rub synthetic (god knows what they add to denim to make it stretchy) fabrics against your special places.
  4. What is so wrong with coats and waterproof weather-protecting fabrics? If it is cold why wouldn’t you wear a coat? If it is raining why wouldn’t you wear a waterproof? I may look like an inner-city rambler in my purple kagool and I can hear your young sniggers as my glasses steam up under my hood but you look freezing and moist, and your silly “handbag” sized umbrella keeps blowing inside out, making you look like a complete knob. This is Wales, buy a Macintosh.
  5. Your “messy up-do” isn’t messy, it’s comical.
  6. LEGGINGS AREN’T TROUSERS! And they’re not as opaque as you think they are either.
  7. You’re not Jesse J. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but even she can barely get away with the current (and unfortunate) 1980s/90s throwback fashions. Your baggy 80s style shirt buttoned all the way up to top and tucked into baggy yet incredibly tiny denim shorts, teamed with your “messy up-do” makes you look like an extra from an early French and Saunders sketch. You could play a bit part in one of the first Jonathan Creek shows because you definitely look like you’ve been styled by a young Caroline Quentin.
  8. If the part of your tights that is darker than the rest (the bit shaped like “gym shorts” that encompasses your bottom bits) is visible under the line of your cut-off denim shorts – then they are too short. My knickers are bigger than what you’re laughably parading as clothes.
  9. You are wearing shoes – why aren’t you wearing socks? You’re making those “I shop in Topman” casual deck shoes look sweaty and uncomfortable. Encompassing your very pale feet with a nice pair of socks would make you look much better, and you’d be warmer, which is important because my Oma says you can catch a cold through bare feet.

You’re welcome.

Wet Welsh Weather Wear
Clearly how all people should dress at all times.