“Who are you dressed as today?”…

… is often a question put to me by my immediate family and close friends.

This is because I have a life long habit of daily dressing up. I don’t know why but every day when I open my wardrobe I decide who I’m going to be and dress accordingly (this is a lie, I decide up to two days in advance – I need to know if I have to schedule in ironing time), for example on Wednesday I dressed up as a children’s TV presenter (of an art programme specifically – bright pink jeans, sparkly shoes, a denim shirt, in hindsight it wasn’t one of my best).

Dress-up fashions
CBeebies attire…

Last week I was dressed as Joanna Lumley on a winter safari (no regrets about that one).

This particular personality trait of mine often inspires laughter in my nearest and dearest. For example when I got home from work dressed like this…

Fashions and Dres Up
Me being a Parisienne female explorer/wildlife photographer from the 1920s.

…Chris burst out laughing and insisted on taking a picture. He hasn’t quite picked up the art of guessing who or what I am dressed as yet (my sister gets it almost every time but she’s known me for 24 years). Quite clearly I am dressed as a Parisienne female explorer/wildlife photographer from the 1920s; a continental female Indiana Jones; the first woman to ever have photographs published in National Geographic. That sort thing.

So I have decided that whenever I get home from work and Chris laughs at what I am wearing I will document this outfit on my blog, if only to understand why he finds it so funny; I think it’s perfectly normal behavior.

On Saturday I walked out of my dressing room (we have a spare room, we should have made it a guest room, but I put a dressing table and a wardrobe in there instead…) to a little burst of Christopher’s giggles…

Dress-up Fashions
Me dressed for a casual spring day in Paris, circa 1967.

Again, quite clearly a casual spring-time stroller, in Paris, in the 60s, I’m even wearing a neckerchief! The whole of last week was very French themed – I’ve been watching a lot of Audrey Tautou films recently, but I’ve run out of ones to watch on Netflix now so God only knows what I could end up looking like next week.

2 thoughts on ““Who are you dressed as today?”…

  1. Always loved your fashions / characters when I visited as you were growing up . . . And still love your wonderful sense of style and FUN! Keep it up . . .Never mind the giggles from Chris!

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