“Can you guess what it is yet…”

…I promise that that is the last time I shall ever quote Rolph Harris (for obvious reasons) but it seemed an appropriate title because I’m doing another Guess What I Am Dressed As blog post!

As mentioned in my most previous blog post, I have decided to post any pictures of outfits that make people laugh at me, which happens surprisingly often. I arrived home last Friday to yet more Christopher-sounding giggles, seemingly because of this outfit…

dressup fashions
Last Friday’s Outfit

If you haven’t guessed who I’m being then you haven’t tried hard enough because quite clearly I am dressed as a liberal thinking member of the WWII French Resistance. I have my 1940s spy hat on and everything (a fact which after two years of living with me, Christopher should have known). I can tell you that spending one’s Friday pretending to be a French spy secretly fighting for the winning side of a world war really brightens up what is otherwise a please-be-over-soon-so-I-can-go-and-have-an-actual-life-for-a-full-42-hours sort of day. I urge you to give it a go.

Go forth! And send me pictorial evidence!

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