Fashion Fridays…

…on a Sunday (I do try to work to schedules but life does somewhat get in the way).

I have again spent a very fine weekend playing dress-up:

Brigitte Auber – Danielle Foussard


Brigitte Auber – Danielle Foussard

Incase you haven’t guessed yet I am clearly dressed as Danielle Foussard, a character in the 1955 Hitchcock film To Catch a Thief, played by actress Brigitte Auber. If you haven’t seen this particular film I would highly recommend it, if only to discover how accomplished I have been in my imitation.

When I wear something like this it doesn’t matter if I’m walking through Chippy Lane, I feel like I’m strolling down the Riveria (for those of you who are not familiar with this particular street in Cardiff this is quite the feat)! Which is why I fully recommend everyone else play dress-up a little more often. Dusting off that one wig you own and trying to adapt it to whichever annual themed party you’re going to simply doesn’t cut the mustard. For there are very few situations that can’t be made at least a good 73% better with the introduction of a full skirt…

Twirling solves problems - fact

I’m trying to make this a regular slot, check out my other costumes here.







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