This week I will be focusing on Camping Attire – my most favourite of fashions.

So camping attire consists of three major groups of clothing: dress-up, layers and woolwear. These three things combined can make for quite wonderful and sometimes experimental couture creations. See below…

Camping Attire!
Poor Robin – completely mental.

This is a perfect example of combining both the layers and woollen look. One starts off with an outfit (usually a perfectly normal one) and then as the evening cools, instead of changing ones attire to a more temperature appropriate outfit, one simply adds more layers on top of the original outfit. It’s quite an effective way of staying stylish and toasty!

Now the below outfit belongs to the traditional “guess what I’m dressed as” Fashion Fridays example…

Medieval Costume

Medieval Princess

This is an example (quite clearly) of Medieval camping, more specifically this was my costumer for our Knights and Princesses themed evening. No medieval princess is complete without something whimisical on her head, a goblet in her hand, an exquisite velvet cloak and some hardcore mist (as the above pictures perfectl demonstrate).

I’m sure that everyone at one point goes through their own dressing-up epiphiny, when you find a dress-up character that makes you feel awesome and you’re genuinely considering dressing up as them every single day. I once met a women who had gone to a dress-up party as Lara Croft and found that she so loved being said Playstation heroine that she proceeded to wear the costume to every single dress up party she was invited to as well as on all weekends (but without her thigh guns – voilence has no place on a Sunday). This moment has happened to me a few times, when I made my Jane Austen dress, when I was given my cloak it was made abundantly clear to me that I was made to wear velvet cloaks, the most recent of these revelations came when I decided to throw a Pirate themed party at this years camping trip…

Pirate Dress-Up

As you can see, I make an epic pirate. I should, can and will captain a gallion. It’s happening.

I strongly encourage you to strive for your dress-up epiphany! And I strongly advise you to send me photographic evidence of your struggle towards the truth as well as the triumphant truth itself!

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