Dress up…

…on a whole new level.

So I did a little bit of sewing at a teenager and enjoyed it so my mama kindly bought me a sewing machine, but then being a teenager got in the way (it’s a full-time commitment) and the sewing machine was left desolate. However, in reading some of my #FridayFashions blog post you may have noticed that I’ve had a life long habit of dressing up and I recently realised that instead of trawling through shops to find clothes I could adapt into costumes it would be so much easier if I was actually making the clothes!

So I dusted off my trusty sewing machine, bought myself a simple pattern and set to work. It’s been going pretty well and I’m having the best time working on my home-made clothes and costumes. So here’s a taster of what I’ve been making so far…and what’s still to come!

Starting the sewing process

The sewing process

The finished product!
Day time flapper
Deck chair top!
The deck chair top

Sew your own top

Make your own top
Bit of red zip back detail

Still to come

As you can see whilst my first few projects have been moderately successful I have plenty more to be getting stuck into, including my Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched 1950s nightie, my 1940s Land Girl outfit, my Kick-Arse Lady Pirate Captain costume and some tweedy fabric winter dresses!

Crack on!

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