…has become a bit Jewish.

So what I was going for in this picture was 1940s Land Girl on her day off…

Jewish dress!

…And what I actually ended up with is Anne Frank. This actually happens to me surprisingly often, in fact I’ve managed to convince a lovely man from my work that I am in fact of the Jewish faith/heritage/culture and even though recently I got the female (bat mitzvah) and male (bar mitzvah) mixed up he still believes me.

I actually asked my Grandpa whether there was any Jewish in my ancestry – I was so sure there would be (if you saw my dad you would really understand) but he informed me that actually on my father’s side I come from a whole load of English gun makers right back to 16hundredandareallylongtimeago and on my mama’s side I know that I biologically come from a bunch of North Walian Celtics and mentally from a crazy but completely wonderful German lady and her Liverpudlian soldier. Which all begs the question: where is the Jew?! It turns out I am the Jew, and once Chris and I create children with both of our noses we’ll have a whole little casbah family too!

That’s something to look forward to.

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