…got Vintage.

This is a big moment for me – I’ve finally managed to achieve a vintage yet not-that-jewish-looking Fashion Fridays! Not that there’s anything wrong with looking Jewish – I’d be thoroughly screwed if there was. It’s like my mum with hair dye – no matter what colour she dies her hair it’s always ginger a few days later; no matter who or what I’m dressed as I’ve always got that certain Je ne sais chutzpah about me.

But not this time:

The only cast member who wouldn't sleep with Donald Draper
Back off Mr Draper

I’m dressed as the only member of the Mad Men cast (because in my head I am indeed one of the sassier ladies of the Mad Men contingency) who definitely wouldn’t sleep with Mr Donald Draper. He and his smug, casual infidelity can bugger off.

Two particularly wonderful things about this outfit:

Beautiful vintage-looking satin shoes

THE SHOES! Might even bust these bad boys out for the old wedding day.


Backless vintage dress

Backless dresses are THE greatest excuse not to wear a bra! Something that I hate doing but feel that I should do, for modesty’s sake if anything; I – again like my dearest mama – have the most excitable nipples and it normally takes a few layers to keep them under wraps (pun). However, in a backless dress you’ve just got to go with it and ‘it’ feels excellent. Won’t be busting these bad boys for the old wedding though – shame.

And of course my Mad Men outfit would be nothing without a Mad Man…

My Mad Mad

The question is my Mad Man or just a mad man – bit of both is probably the answer there. Chris is actually getting quite into Fashion Fridays now so expect to see a little bit more of him in the future.

I’ve mentioned the excellent Mama G at a few points in this post because I have her to thank for this outfit. We found this dress in an old suitcase underneath her bed a few years ago, I believe it belonged to a friend of hers, who made it sometime in the 70s to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time, and ended up finishing it on the train on the way to where they lived (this could all be bollocks of course – she’s not got the best of memories, but what does that matter with the most terrific of imaginations?). It’s made of stretchy jersey material and has one pocket on the right hand side and whoever the wonderful woman who made this dress is, I just wanted to say thank you, I love this dress and have had more good times in it than I could possibly count (meeting my Parent-in-Laws wasn’t one of them – nipples would have been highly distracting in that particular scenario).

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2 thoughts on “#FashionFridays…

    1. Thanks Trish, They’re not the most comfortable shoes but I won’t be wearing them for long after the ceremony anyway. A brides not trying hard enough if she’s still got her shoes on after the first dance.

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