… got themed.

I was going to say that this week is a vintage week, however, I’ve realised that pretty much every time I dress up its in the past and in fact this week is about as modern as it’s going to get:

dress up, fashion fridays, 1980s, gypsy, suburban

It’s the 80s! To be precise I am dressed as an 1980s suburban gypsy. I’m wearing hooped earrings and everything.

gypsy, costume, 1980s, suburban, dress-up, fashion fridays

You can’t really see in these rather blurry photos but those are red boots! RED BOOTS (in your face people who say I can’t colour coordinate)! Actually I’d just like to take this moment to thank my amazing photographer for doing such a wonderful job of these Fashion Friday photos…

weekend drinking!

Then I started to feel just a little bit too up to date (scary) so here I am being a 1950s suburban gypsy:

1950s suburban gypsy dress-up fashion fridays

Dressing up as a gypsy of any kind fills a particular happy place in my heart – a magical place. Normally I want to be dressed up as some sort of medieval sorceress and I have most of the garb I need to fulfil this (I’m currently working up to the sewing skill to produce some kind of velvet, bell-sleeved number – with train, obvs). However, I have to say that it’s not so practical with modern living, for example, have you ever tried to drive in a velvet hooded cloak? It gets complicated. So when I’m being a gypsy I can still be a little magical and a little bit practical, which is a pretty good combination in my book!

dress up as a 1950s suburban gypsy

One thing you will never catch me dressed as – a 2000s gypsy. No way, no how.

1950s suburban gypsy dress up fashion fridays
Cats n’ Boots, Boots n’ Cats

Happy Friday!

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