Go long…haul!

Someone recently asked me what I was going to wear on a very long flight from a very cold British 5am to a nice warm Vietnamese afternoon, so I thought I’d #FashionFridays it!

How to dress for a long haul flight

This outfit can be summed up in one word – Layers.

I am obviously wearing a vest, I wear a vest every single day of the year but I’m also wearing like a silky top/t-shirt thing (technical term), with a fluffy jumper on top, a jacket on top of the fluffy jumper and big thick pashmina on top of that! Once inside the airport I removed the pashmina…

what to wear on long haul flights

…and once inside the plane I removed the jacket (and replaced the jeans with stretchy waistband yoga pants – it was a 12 hour flight)…

comfy plane pants

…and once inside the county I just had the silky top/t-shirt thing and my jacket although I have no picture of this because by this time I’d been travelling for a good 30 hours and was therefore not of mood or face for photos.

I am also of the opinion that anything is smart if it’s sparkly. Casual sneakers are transformed to perfectly acceptable restaurant shoes with the addition of glitter (and some velvet ribbon that I use instead of laces):

Sparkly travel sneakers!

All in all the layers thing worked out quite well and actually it wasn’t half as hot as Chris said it would be in Hanoi, apparently it will be in Ho Chi Minh – I’m reserving judgement, the  man made me pack shorts but everyone here is wearing puffa jackets! Lesson learned – never trust the men-folk.

I’d also like to point out that I know I look like a strange deformed pigmy in pictures no. 2 and 4, but this is only because Chris is taking it from his full height (he normally bends down to take photos of me). This is a little worrying as to him I must look like a pigmy all the time. What strange taste in women he has…

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