Xin Chao!

I haven’t travelled all that much in my life so far. I’ve been lucky enough to visit many places in Europe but I’ve only ventured off this fair continent once before, so when the opportunity to go to Vietnam sprung itself into my life path I sprang back! For me travel is all about widening your understanding and respect for other cultures and getting to see amazing sites. So far on my trip I’ve been visiting lots of museums and temples in an effort to get to know more about the history of this beautiful country and its people, which I have but I’ve also learned an awful lot of things I didn’t know just by looking out of my taxi window. Some pretty damn awesome things actually – others just a bit weird but it takes all to make a world!

So here are 10 things that Vietnam has taught me (so far):

  1. JetLag is a mysterious and cruel mistress.Suffering from jetlag!
  2. You don’t really need specific road lines, lanes or junctions if you’re driving a vehicle with a loud horn.
  3. Whoever invented the selfie stick must now be disgustingly rich and laughing from his own private island where he’s hired his very own full-time photographer to take photos of him instead of him having to look like a twat doing it himself.
  4. You can in fact cook an entire pig, trotters and all, on a street sewage drainage grate.
  5. Hi Chi Minh or ‘Uncle Ho’ as they call him is in fact the Don of Vietnam.Uncle Ho the father of Vietnam
  6. You should never, ever pay more than £4.50 for a top ‘made’ by Zara, or in fact £5.50 for their shoes.
  7. Buddhism appears to be a very joyous and peaceful religion and watching someone pray can be a very moving experience…until they try to sell you postcards.Buddhist temple in vietnam
  8. You can fit at least three cumquat trees on the back of a moped.
  9. Why even buy a car when you can also fit a family of four on a moped?
  10. Vietnamese women make epic Generals and soilders of war. Fact.Vietnamese war women

I’m not even nearly done yet, having just moved from traditional Hanoi to the huge and modern city of Ho Chi Minh, stay tuned for the next 10!

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