Xin Chao 2!

As promised, 10 more things that my trip to Vietnam has taught me! It’s been a slightly steeper learning curve this time…

  1. Vietnamese food knocks all other national dishes out of the park (or bowl, if you like).Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine
  2. You can actually sleep horizontally on a moped.
  3. Vietnamese sun works like four times faster than British sun, you can literally get quite a comprehensive tan in around two hours.Sunbathing in Ho Chi Minh City, the Nikko Saigon Hotel
  4. Wearing socks with flip-flops is a total thing.
  5. Toilets that wash your bits after you’ve wee’d (and other… euphemism) are the absolute bomb – and provide a somewhat hilariously pleasurable experience.Japanese toilets!
  6. 5* service will ruin you.
  7. If you can’t haggle, you’re nobody.
  8. Cocktails drunk out of a fruit taste way better than cocktails drunk out of a glass. Poolside, Hotel Nikko Saigon
  9. You kind of have to admire the skill it takes to cut a handbag off a person whilst driving a moped.
  10. Vietnamese policemen LOVE paperwork, but they actually don’t really like work at all, but they really love 1970s Japanese historic days of our lives-esque programmes, but they don’t like doing up their shirts from the bellybutton down. Understandable.

There is definitely still more to come! Also moving on to Brunei soon so there should be a lot of learning happening there too…about Sharia Law…yep.

10 more things I've learned from Vietnam

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