Hallo, Ich heisse Lieselotte!

I don’t normally do Facebook quizzes (I’m very much not interested in “Finding out which Disney Princess” I am as I believe it would be of great detriment to my relatively well-working brain) but recently one popped up on my feed called “What is your 1920s German name?”, how could I resist? So after answering a series of very thought provoking questions I was told that my 1920s German name is Lieselotte, which understandably I was over the moon about (no one wants to end up with Helga…or Adolph). This test also gave me the excuse (not that I really needed one) to dress up for the day.

I recently made a 20s style dress out of an old bedsheet (I’ve also made a shirt out of the same material, you may remember from a previous #FashionFridays post).

#FashionFridays homemade 1920s style dressNow before you think it, yes I do look ever so slightly pregnant in this picture, however, I am not growing a very small human inside of me, I just live with a rubbish photographer (/husband) and put on almost a stone in smoked salmon on my Scottish honeymoon. Note to future self – suck it in. I’ve included a hanger picture so that you might get the un-smoked-salmoned effect.

make your own 1920s style dress

In continuing my ‘No New’ year of no new clothes I managed to make this dress for well under £3. The sheet cost me £2 in a charity shop but I’ve already used quite a lot of that to make a shirt and I found the pattern for this dress in a sale bin for 25p because it didn’t have a envelope. Now I wouldn’t want to say that Lieselotte is a cheap lady, but she sure knows how to run-up a bargain on her very old sewing machine!

1920s homemade dress, #FashionFridays

I also tried to do a 1920s ‘up-do’ with a bit of a finger wave – moderate to little success there but one can’t have it all and anyway I like to think that as a very literary woman (so the quiz results informed me) Lieselotte might look a little out of place with a perfect and highly fashionable ‘shingle do’ (good enough excuse?).

I’m also currently working on a Lieselotte evening garment, I’ll let you know how it goes…

1920s homemade dress

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