I’ve been wanting to do this #FashionFridays for a while and then this beautiful sunny day came along so I took it as a sign and I’m getting all bridal on you!

There is so much pressure on couples to look their absolute best on their wedding day that it can be quite stressful for both parties when deciding what to wear. Luckily for Chris he has me, so I just told him what to wear (!), actually that’s not true, we went shopping together and I advised him and because I’m a style genius he ended up looking completely lush. Men's wedding attirePlus I gave him a little helping style hand and surprised him with a small gift… Groom's giftSo Chris was sorted but what was I to do? I’d never really had an idea of what I wanted to wear on my wedding day apart from something awesome on my head so that’s wear I started: Hermione Harbutt Bride I’d been oggling the Hermione Harbutt window long before I got married so literally one of the very first things I did upon becoming engaged was to book an appointment to go and see her (when I first wrote that sentence it said “wee her” – that wouldn’t have been very nice). Instantly upon entering her Bristol showroom I felt like I was in my own personal heaven and actually I still go back there when I’m feeling down to remind me that heaven is indeed a place on earth. I’ve dragged every other bride I’ve ever known in there under the pretence that they should try stuff on and I just end up with about eight things on my head. Chris also has a list of the things I’d like as gifts for our next ten anniversaries. As soon as I put the Florie headdress on my head I knew it was always supposed to be what I wore when I got married, the rest, the dress, the shoes paled into insignificance, which was a good thing actually because ordering the headdress used up quite a chunk of my outfit budget (so worth it).

So onto the dress, I thought I wouldn’t care so much about that bit but of course I did. I found a beautiful designer dress in a lovely boutique in Clifton, I went there because it’s the only wedding dress shop I’ve ever seen where I’ve liked the dresses in the window, I should have known I wouldn’t be able to afford anything. Of course the dress I fell in love with was way over the original dress budget let alone the post-Florie-headdress budget, so we had to get inventive. Cue the amazing Elli Lima. Elli is my flourist, Jan’s daughter and has a degree in textiles and design under her belt. When I saw her final year couture collection I knew she was the dress-maker for me. She took a little persuading but she said yes in the end which meant this happened:My handmade wedding dress   Which meant that this happened:emotional wedding   This is me and my photographer (/bestfriend) crying at each other. Elli made me look how I was always supposed to look on my wedding day, I didn’t altogether know what I wanted but she made it for me and the final dress was so much more beautiful  and unique than the one I found in the shop.

Of courae no bridal outfit is complete without the bouquet, or nosegay as I like to call them (medieval term). Elli’s Ma Jan hooked me up big time. Jan Lima Wedding FlouristAll I did was tell her that I wanted my flowers to look like I’d picked them from a meadow on my way to the isle and she did all the rest. She was brilliant.

And here they are, two of the most talented women I know, I’m trying to persuade them to set up like a whole wedding empire and then my claim to fame can be that I had the first ever Elli Lima wedding dress. Milly & Chris's Wedding-207   That that brings me to the other two most talented women in my life, my mama and sister, without whom I would have looked a complete mess… Milly & Chris's Wedding-154   …and would have been completely veil-less: Milly & Chris's Wedding-103   Well also snaps to me because I did make the veil, I slaved long and hard over it at my sewing machine and if I ever have any daughters and they say they don’t want to wear it I’m going to hit the roof. THE ROOF. handmade veil   Add some vintage 1920s shoes and you’ve got yourself one happy (and quite weepy bride).vintage wedding shoes   So what this #FashionFridays blog really is is just a huge THANK YOU to Hermione Harbutt for her amazing service and stunning headdress, Elli for making my dress, Jan for doing my flowers (http://www.janlimaflowers.co.uk) and to my mama and sister who did my hair, my veil, helped me with my makeup, cried when I showed them my headdress for the first time, put their foot down when I said I wanted a purple wedding dress but caved when I said I wanted a blue sash and who guided me down every step of the high-pressure path towards my wedding outfit. I felt beautiful, you’re all beautiful, we’re all beautiful together. Lush. Milly & Chris's Wedding-522   Milly & Chris's Wedding-523   Milly & Chris's Wedding-500

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