Jane Austen!

This is one I’ve been meaning to do for ages because I think it’s my longest standing favourite dress-up, actually may be apart from medieval – they’re pretty close but I think medieval just pips it to the post because of the magical possibilities it provides which dear Ms Austen, alas, cannot. Although she did win out between the two on my wedding dress choice, so it must be pretty neck and neck.

Homemade Jane Austen Costume

I made this dress with my own fair hands, I think it was the second thing I made after I decided to start sewing again last year. I recently bought a new pattern, a specific ‘Sense & Sensibility’ circa 1795-1825 pattern (the one I made this from was just an option on a modern maxi dress pattern) which I cannot WAIT to make. I’ve already cut out all the pieces and read through the entirety of the instructions to make sure I have everything needed – literally the first time in my life that I’ve ever pre-read instructions for making ANYTHING. It’s the next thing I’m going to attempt so hopefully in a couple of weeks time I’ll be able to post another, more historically accurate #FashionFridays!

Jane Austen Costume

I think if I had to be any Jane Austen character it would be Marianne Dashwood because I wear my heart on my sleeve and enjoy walking in the rain. Had my fair share of Willoughbys before marrying a good’un too!

Serene wedding

(One day I’ll stop feeling the need to share a wedding photo in every single blog I post – today is not that day).

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