How to…

…Lose Weight.

This is more of a prospective rather than retrospective blog post. I have gained weight. Just over half a stone. It’s not loads but it’s enough to cancel out some of my jegging choices…as well as some of my older dresses. I blame two things:

  1. Turning 26.
  2. Marriage (loving bastard).

Luckily for me I’ve managed, with little to no effort to remain a size 10 from about the last eight years. My mother told me of this evil myth called the metabolism, and in a prophetic, ghost story type way told me that one day it would creep up on me and ruin my life. It turns out that the day I turned 26 this evil myth materialised into reality and now I can no longer do up my trusty denim shorts (one of only two pairs of shorts I own – I live in Wales, any more would be excessive to say the least). Now, when I have put weight on in the past I’ve counteracted the swelling by running every day for two weeks and eating only scrambled eggs for breakfast and lunch, hey presto, a whole stone gone in a fortnight. So when I weighed myself about a month ago and felt a little unpleasant feeling in the pit of my larger than usual stomach as I realised the scales weren’t broken (I’d been trying to convince myself of this for a week) I set off on my scrambled egg mission. For two weeks I was the queen of poached or scrambled eggs, I didn’t even know how to make poached eggs before I started and now I’m epic at it. At the end of this fortnight I weighed myself and was deeply surprised to find that I had PUT ON WEIGHT!

Now I know that nothing drastic has happened to me, I’m still fitting into most of my clothes but only just and when I look in the mirror I see a lot of changes. After my failed egg diet I got quite sad about the whole thing, tried to eat little and then mentally punished myself when I gave in and had proper food. The thing is I really like food, good food (salads are just a pretty food decoration as far as I’m concerned) my two favourite foods in no particular order are Chinese takeaway Crispy Duck with pancakes and cheeseburgers with chips and lots of BBQ sauce. Last weekend I went out to support my husband in his stand-up comedian endeavours, I put on a favourite dress and noticing it was a little harder to do up than usual, decided to order a salad at dinner. What I actually ended up ordering was a smoked salmon, gorgonzola and cream pizza. I then followed this by finishing off the second half of his KILO of Moules Mariniere, which is just like drinking cream and wine soup – apart from the fact that I also put chips in that soup. Suffice to say I like fattening, rich food, sometimes when I’m going to sleep I like to lull my brain into a state of relaxation by thinking about this epic American fast food burger restaurant that has recently opened up in Cardiff called Five Guys.

So after feeling really rubbish for the whole of last week I’ve decided enough is enough, it’s not healthy to obsess over one’s weight, especially when it only seems to be increasing! On Monday I went on a 45 minute run with my step-mother who is a running machine, on Friday we’ve booked in another running session and in between now and then I’ve been walking instead of driving and eating a well-rounded diet. I’ve decided to mix up my lunches of eggs with a cheese sandwich if the mood takes me or a homemade sweet chili sauce prawn wrap, whatever I feel like within reason. Chris and I generally eat healthy evening meals, lots of quinoa, pulses and vegetables – sometimes the odd bit of garlic bread (we’re only human). I’m just going to keep my excercise levels up and my food intake well-rounded (by which I mean equal amounts cheese to vegetables) and make sure that first and foremost I’m a healthy, happy person. Surely happy, healthy, junk-in-your-trunk is better than skinny, miserable, cheese-starved? Plus if I don’t lose any weight it’s a great opportunity to sew myself a whole new awesome wardrobe.

My post-run rewards
My post-run reward

So that’s m plan, now I’m going for a snack…fruit. Pasta N’ Sauce…no FRUIT. Fruit.

…Pasta N’ Sauce.

Running Pants!
Running is easier when your wearing jazzy pants. Fact.

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