Forget Halloween Costumes…

…Teenagers Are The Truly Scary Ones.

At the risk of sounding odd, I find teenagers fascinating and frightening in equal measures. I seem to be always driving somewhere when they’re walking home from school and watching them (from the safety of my locked car) is so interesting. During my mildly stalk-like behaviour I’ve noticed a couple of things about young adults, (mainly how early they seem to finish school these days. I was driving home from the supermarket at 2:15pm today and kids in uniforms were walking home! 2:15!), things that caused me to compile a list of advice for all teenagers.

I really hated school and there is so much I know now that I wish I’d known then. The only problem is that I can’t talk to teenagers because  I still get this overwhelming need for them to think I’m cool, just like I did when I was a their age (it’s not a good look for a 27 year old, married lady. No, no.) so because I write down most things I don’t quite feel brave enough to say out loud, I decided to make a blog out of it…

  1. NEVER spit in the street, it’s truly gross and it makes you look like a disrespectful toad of a person.
  2. Don’t litter either, it’s not cool, it’s just minging (technical term).
  3. Anyone who’s popular in school, is very unlikely to be popular in later life. In any way. Remember that.
  4. Don’t tell them that though, that will only going to make things worse, just know it in yourself.
  5. Find a sport you like, you may think you’re uncoordinated or terrible at team or ball sports but there are so many sports out there, one WILL suit you. Take up archery, or rowing, or lacrosse, or Quidditch! Do it!
  6. Find an art form you like, again, you might not be able to draw or paint, so try writing, or acting, or singing, or sculpting, or magic tricks! Just like sport, there will be an art form out there that suits you.
  7. If you don’t do well at school, don’t think you’re stupid. The modern education system isn’t really designed to actually educate. Teachers don’t have time to nurture individual talents. If your grades aren’t great, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to get a Double First in university, if you want it.
  8. Don’t shout random things at random people in the street. It’s rude and intimidating.
  9. Don’t hang out in parks and don’t drink alcohol in parks. Come to my house and drink here instead. We’ll have blue WKDs together, it’ll be great.12079836_10156281769965647_3695901826044929457_o
  10. Listen to music, all the music you can get your hands (and headphones) on. Being a teenager is such hard work, it really sucks, so if you can find music that you relate to, where the lyrics seem to describe exactly what you’re going through, you’ll feel so much less alone. Make sure you find songs for the good times as well as the bad.227766_899862733458_2135752252_n
  11. These are not the best days of your life. When I was a seriously depressed teenager someone once told me that I was ruining the best days of my life. Some adults will try and tell you that growing up and having responsibilities and jobs and mortgages is less fun than being a ‘carefree’ teenager. Bullshit. Being in charge of your own life, when the time is right, is the best fun in the world. Being a teenager is the rubbish bit, the best is yet to come.10170843_10152372610031889_9143638008342766906_n
  12. Don’t let other people get you down. Be a kind person, work hard at the things you love and do be afraid to stand out as an individual. Unusual is beautiful, never forget it!   11406859_10100387577091948_8588272036895517598_n

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