Tips For…

…Working Out.

Now this isn’t going to be one of those blog posts where I talk about how I make my own vegan energy bars and get up before 7am everyday to run 7 miles before showering and covering my body in raw organic coconut oil. I really wish it was, I would LOVE to be one of those people but I’m just not.

This is a blog post with a couple of tips on how to drag your arse to the gym if you’re a “I’d rather stay in bed and eat cheese” kind of gal (or guy) like me.

  1. Put your gym gear on waaaaay in advance. Even if I know I won’t be able to go to the gym until 4pm, I get dressed into my (clean) gym gear when I get up in the morning because I know that I won’t feel like going at 4pm but taking off my gym clothes would feel far too much of a defeat. Now, I work from home so this is a lot easier for me. It might not go down too well if you turn up to the office in leggings and a vest, but if you’re planning on heading to the gym on the weekend or something, you know what to put on in the morning!
  2. Get yourself some proper banging tunes. I know people who listen to Woman’s Hour when they work out, I tried it, its hopeless. Jenny Murray inspires me intellectually but when I’m trying to cross-trainer the shit out of my ever-expanding behind the only thing that inspires me is a teeny-popper with no arse at all, singing vacuous and repeatative songs.
  3. Moving on from no. 2, get yourself a GREAT pair of headphones. I recently treated myself to a pair of rose gold (looking) and leather (looking) CORDLESS headphones, that’s right, they’re cordless! I finally live in the 21st century! In fact I went to Curry’s the other day and had a great time! Did you know you can get kettles that you can switch one WITH YOUR PHONE?! It’s amazing! They also match my subtle, understated gym bag…

    Too much?
  4. Wear awesome gym clothes. Find the craziest leggings and the brightest coloured top you can find and if your trainers don’t have at least four colours on them then you’re clearly not trying hard enough. Every little helps when it comes to exercise motivation and treating yourself to some snazzy attire that you can’t wait to put on will help you a) want to work-out and b) feel fierce while you’re doing it. (I know I just used the word ‘fierce’ which doesn’t quite work with my general aesthetic but I went to my first drag show last night and I’ve decided to add some new lexis into my vocabulary, okaaaay?)

    Running Pants!
    Running is easier when you’re wearing jazzy pants. Fact.
  5. Don’t care what other people think. The gym can be an intimidating place, I’m a member of a university gym so mine is extra intimidating because sometimes it feels like I’m entering a room specifically designed for mating rituals. A lot of the time it looks like they’re not exercising at all, just staring at each other while standing near weights. So I take my glasses off (so I can only see sort of people-looking shapes), put my headphones on and rock out while I work out. I sing along with my teeny-poppers, I get a little bit dancey on the cross trainer, I get funky. I know I must look silly but I don’t care because I’m having fun! And kicking arse! So there!IMG_2579

Hope these tips helped! Go to the gym! Or not, just eat cheese, I think it’s probably better for you…IMG_2669



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