Good Riddance…


I think we can all agree that 2016 will go down in the history books as one of strangest years that ever happened. We’ve had more deaths than newspapers had pre-written obituaries for, and then Brexit, and then Trump, not to mention the related rise in hate crimes AND a really rubbish Strictly Come Dancing cast (didn’t even watch the final). I do have to say before I continue that one VERY good thing happened this year; the birth of my beautiful nephew and thank goodness because without this piece of shining glory 2016 would be far too depressing to even write a blog about.


But as far as the bullshit politics that we have and will continue to be subject to, I think I’ve worked out what the problem is: no one wants to argue anymore! If I had even 1p for the amount of times I’ve been told off for debating at the dinner table I would have a pair of pure silk pyjamas for every. night. of. the. week. And then my life would be complete.

Honestly, Jane Austen books are more confrontational than most of the dinner parties I go to these days; I’m not allowed to talk about politics, religion, comedians, sexual preferences (sex at all), what I thought of last week’s Graham Norton line-up, the list is endless. If anyone disagrees about anything, ANYTHING, like thongs vs. big pants (big pants, obviously) everyone gets really offended and then you’re not allowed to talk anymore and everything gets really awkward and I feel guilty for about two years afterwards.

The problem with this is that no one ever ‘educates’ each other on different standpoints. In the past if someone said “I voted Leave because I’m worried about immigration” I’ve responded by thinking “racist” and then walking away. Mistake. Bad, judgmental me. I’ve had a rethink and actually when we talk to each other about our differing opinions we mingle all that information together and, in time, can make much more informed decisions.

This is why all the American polls were wrong, because no one could tell anyone else how they felt! If they had, they might have been able to partake in open, non-judgemental conversations which may have led to them NOT making the worst decision of they’re lives (I’m not judging…I’m really trying not to judge…okay I’m judging a little bit).

We need to be more open to each other. We need to be a bit less polite! We need to offer each other our opinions and relish in the differing of them, to really listen to each other and to bloody well argue at dinner parties! I feel like having a dinner party where the only subjects anyone is allowed to talk about is religion, politics, gender equality issues and who the new Strictly judge should be. It shall be a Welcome to 2017, Let’s Please Work Together to Make This Year Less SHIT party. Wanna come?