It’s been AGES since I did one of these! I spend my life dressing up as things/people and every now and again I like to record these dress-ups in the form of a #FashionFridays blog. This is one of those occasions! img_3958This week I have mostly  been dressed as a Celtic, Witchy Woman/the murderess from a 1990s episode of Wycliffe. If you haven’t seen Wycliffe or don’t even know what it is then do yourself a huge favour and get over to ITV Player for a binge watch. I actually have a Wycliffe drinking game (I have a drinking game for pretty much everything; Eurovision, RuPaul’s Drag Race, dinner with my mother, the list is endless…). It involves drinking whenever you see a lumpy knit jumper, a brown matte lipstick or an outfit that looks terrible but that you currently see 20 year olds wearing because they didn’t wear it the first time round and therefore don’t have all the pictures that prove that it’s a terrible idea. The final rule seems only to reply to crop-tops and bomber jackets, lumpy knit jumpers are quite allusive these days (unless you live next to a Steiner School). I love a lumpy knit (please see my other blog https://theselfishknitter.wordpress.com/) and in Wycliffe they seem to be quite sexy, I mean mostly hideous but also sexy. If you don’t believe me, watch it and view the legend that is DI Lane rocking some serious drop-shoulder, big-enough-to-have-been-your-obese-dad’s knit.img_3960I rescued this particularly fetching lumpy cardy from my mother’s car boot. She was going to throw it away! Can you believe it!? However, this does mean that it has the benefit of authenticity because I’m pretty sure that circa 1994 my mama sat down to an episode of Wycliffe with a glass of red wine and a garlic bread baggette, wearing this very cardigan. I must be a chip off the old block because this is exactly the way I like to spend a Friday night, accept I like to add in a little extra cwtchy feeling by knitting a lumpy jumper, whilst wearing a lumpy knit jumper – the perfect storm.  img_3971Have a great Friday! Don’t forget to dress-up!

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