What Would…

…Miss Fisher Do?

In my quest for mental peace and stability I have come up with many different mantras from many different schools of thought and whilst they have all helped me in many different ways, one is helping me over and over and over again.


For those of you who don’t know what Miss Fisher is, go to Netflix. Go there now. NOW. And watch it. If you like 1920s fashions, strong female characters with gumption and tenacity, and some light-hearted murder, then this is the programme for you!

What Would Miss Fisher Do helps you answer questions when you either don’t know the answer or you do know the answer but feel weirdly guilty about the answer, mostly the latter, for example:

  1. It’s a Tuesday, you’d really like a glass of wine, in fact the bottle of fizz that you bought specifically for Friday is looking pretty tempting right now but the thought of opening a bottle of fizz on a Tuesday makes you feel bad about yourself. Ask yourself: What Would Miss Fisher Do? She’d drink the fizz, she’d say: fuck-it, life’s too short and shit can happen at a moments notice (I’m paraphrasing a little here) so drink the lovely fizz, enjoy it and then go ahead and buy a whole other bottle for Friday night/may be Thursday night.
  2. You’re shopping, you’ve found a dress to die for, you can afford it (probably, sort-of, mostly) but you feel a bit bad about spending money on nice things. What Would Miss Fisher Do? She would buy the dress. Of course she would buy the dress. She would say: you’ve earned it. You work bloody hard and are entitled to do with that money what you will! As long as all the other basics are covered then you are entitled to buy yourself a frock now and then. The only reason you shouldn’t buy the dress is if  you’re buying it because you think for some reason it will make you a happier person. It won’t. It will make you a well-dressed person but even the most exquisitely dressed people can be desperately unhappy (If Princess Diana taught us anything…). Don’t buy it to fill a hole, just a wardrobe.
  3. You’ve slept with someone, probably in a one-night-stand scenario and the shackles of society that have been unfairly clamped to your wrists your whole life are causing you to feel bad about it and question whether or not you might be a slag. What Would Miss Fisher Do? She’d pour herself a glass of fizz and say: as long as the encounter was consensual, fully protected, and fun, what on earth would you feel bad about? It’s your vagina and you can do with it what you like, and furthermore, the vagina, like any other part of the human anatomy, needs exercising. Congratulations on letting yours out for what I hope was a most enjoyable gym session. If, however, your lover was not as skilled as you had hoped then perhaps you need to be a little more discerning in your choice of bed partner in future. Otherwise, congratulations! Fizz?
  4. You should clean the floor, the floor needs cleaning and you should probably clean the floor, but because you’re a sane and normal person you really don’t want to clean the floor. You’d rather a bath and a sherry. What Would Miss Fisher Do? Bath. Sherry. She’d say: The floor does need cleaning but you also need a relaxing soak just as much as the floor needs a good mop. One day soon, quite possibly tomorrow, you’ll feel like cleaning the floor. You’ll be happy and relaxed and energised because you looked after yourself, and will therefore take great pride and glee out of making your floor shine like the Empire State Building. But today is not that day. Do you prefer strawberry or lavender bubblebath? 

This are just a few examples of how well the What Would Miss Fisher Do mantra works on every day questions. I challenge you to apply this to any situation. I am yet to find a scenario in which it has not worked. I think the general message that this mantra drums into me is: life’s too short, stop feeling bad, do the thing you want to do, as long as it’s not bad for you…and may be sometimes when it is.


I now have this saying all over my house. I’ve even made it into a sticker which I stuck to my diary and therefore see it every day!


Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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