Tips For…

…Working Out.

Now this isn’t going to be one of those blog posts where I talk about how I make my own vegan energy bars and get up before 7am everyday to run 7 miles before showering and covering my body in raw organic coconut oil. I really wish it was, I would LOVE to be one of those people but I’m just not.

This is a blog post with a couple of tips on how to drag your arse to the gym if you’re a “I’d rather stay in bed and eat cheese” kind of gal (or guy) like me.

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Forget Halloween Costumes…

…Teenagers Are The Truly Scary Ones.

At the risk of sounding odd, I find teenagers fascinating and frightening in equal measures. I seem to be always driving somewhere when they’re walking home from school and watching them (from the safety of my locked car) is so interesting. During my mildly stalk-like behaviour I’ve noticed a couple of things about young adults, (mainly how early they seem to finish school these days. I was driving home from the supermarket at 2:15pm today and kids in uniforms were walking home! 2:15!), things that caused me to compile a list of advice for all teenagers.

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Brexit Blog…

…only joking! I was going to write a Brexit blog but I came up against two major problems:

  1. I’m working very hard to leave depression behind me so Brexit is absolutely the worst thing to have happened right now. Not only is it the most depressing thing that’s happened to the UK in the past 70-80 years but it’s also going to cause a financial, economical, sociological & political depression, there are just too many depressions in there for me. (Tip to anyone trying to come off antidepressants: don’t trust in the general public, they’ll only let you down, go and live in the forest while you stop taking Citalopram and make friends with the animals – not wolves though.)
  2. I’m in danger of becoming a hateful person, the kind of person who says things like “the problem with the lower classes, is they breed much faster than us” before realising that I’ve said it. So I either have to stay away from these subjects or go and live in a P.G. Wodehouse book.

Therefore! I decided to write about a subject far superior in it’s importance to the demise of the United Kingdom and the conscience of society as a whole – Pop Music.

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Happiness is a Bitch

I haven’t written in ages! In fact it’s been so long that the backend of WordPress has completely changed and I’m only just finding out.

I haven’t blogged predominantly because I’m self-employed and time is a valuable and fleeting commodity but also because I haven’t felt I have all that much to say and this, my friends, is because happiness is a bitch.

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Book Review…

Emma, Jane Austen.

Review of Jane Austen's Emma

I could describe exactly how I feel about this book by simply saying “quite funny – little bit long-winded” but I am in fact still in a lot of dept because of my English Literature and Creative Writing degree so I shall endeavour to be a little less economic with my words…

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Let me say before I begin that I am standing on my soap box; I whittled it myself; I am not generally known for my passivity and this is a blog post with an agenda – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As some of you may know I’ve been refraining from buying any new clothes this year, the reasons for this are three-fold:

  1. I had too much stuff in my life and I was far to reliant on this stuff to make me happy so I decided I needed to stop filling my life with stuff and fill it with meaning and genuine happiness.
  2. I think that the disposable or ‘Fast Fashion’ society that we are now living in is bad for the environment.
  3. The price of clothes has gone, and continues to go, down and down, but the price of producing it is going up, so I had my questions about where this cost was being squeezed and had some nasty suspicions it might be at the expense of the people who make it. And then I watched this:

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How to…

…Lose Weight.

This is more of a prospective rather than retrospective blog post. I have gained weight. Just over half a stone. It’s not loads but it’s enough to cancel out some of my jegging choices…as well as some of my older dresses. I blame two things:

  1. Turning 26.
  2. Marriage (loving bastard).

Luckily for me I’ve managed, with little to no effort to remain a size 10 from about the last eight years. My mother told me of this evil myth called the metabolism, and in a prophetic, ghost story type way told me that one day it would creep up on me and ruin my life. It turns out that the day I turned 26 this evil myth materialised into reality and now I can no longer do up my trusty denim shorts (one of only two pairs of shorts I own – I live in Wales, any more would be excessive to say the least). Now, when I have put weight on in the past I’ve counteracted the swelling by running every day for two weeks and eating only scrambled eggs for breakfast and lunch, hey presto, a whole stone gone in a fortnight. So when I weighed myself about a month ago and felt a little unpleasant feeling in the pit of my larger than usual stomach as I realised the scales weren’t broken (I’d been trying to convince myself of this for a week) I set off on my scrambled egg mission. For two weeks I was the queen of poached or scrambled eggs, I didn’t even know how to make poached eggs before I started and now I’m epic at it. At the end of this fortnight I weighed myself and was deeply surprised to find that I had PUT ON WEIGHT!

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