Let there be romance!

I don’t claim to be a particularly crafty person, but I do like partaking in numerous crafty past-times, this usually results in freakishly long scarves, very mishapen knitted vests, hundreds of multi-coloured tea cosies and a few unfinished cross stitches. However, this time I was quite pleased with the outcome of my artistic boredom so thought I’d blog about it.

I love candles! I light candles every night, they can make any room look better and I find the light they project very soothing. Although I loath to tear pages out of books, I took a book I recently read, that I had found really quite boring and tore out some pages at the back that had nothing to do with the story so though it wouldn’t be too bad to recycle them to a better use.

I started with an old glass candle-holder (a gift to Christopher that we had never really used), the pages from the book, some normal clear clue (I was going for a matte effect, but if you’d like something shiny I’d suggest craft glue) and yes, Arlene Phillips’ face (a Hello magazine to stop my fire place getting gluey).

Christmas CandlesArts and Crafts!

I then covered the glass with glue and wrapped the page around it, folding it in over the top and folding it flat across the bottom. I then proceeded to paste glue over the page to ensure it’s sticking and to protect it against knocks and bangs. I applied much glue to the bottom of the glass to ensure the folds stick down flat and the glass stands properly. It took a good day for the glue to dry but once it had I applied another coat to achieve a hardened affect on the paper. I then waited for all to dry, tied a lace ribbon I found in my sewing box around it (for extra pretty) and popped a tea light inside.

Light of Words

I wanted to achieve a more rustic look with the next one so I used a honey jar and some velvet ribbon.

Romantic lighting

These candle holders are easy to do and would make lovely gifts, table decorations or wedding decorations. They’re also a pleasing way to spend unemployment! Let me know what you think…

Romantic candle holders