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Jane Austen!

This is one I’ve been meaning to do for ages because I think it’s my longest standing favourite dress-up, actually may be apart from medieval – they’re pretty close but I think medieval just pips it to the post because of the magical possibilities it provides which dear Ms Austen, alas, cannot. Although she did win out between the two on my wedding dress choice, so it must be pretty neck and neck.

Homemade Jane Austen Costume

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Hallo, Ich heisse Lieselotte!

I don’t normally do Facebook quizzes (I’m very much not interested in “Finding out which Disney Princess” I am as I believe it would be of great detriment to my relatively well-working brain) but recently one popped up on my feed called “What is your 1920s German name?”, how could I resist? So after answering a series of very thought provoking questions I was told that my 1920s German name is Lieselotte, which understandably I was over the moon about (no one wants to end up with Helga…or Adolph). This test also gave me the excuse (not that I really needed one) to dress up for the day.

I recently made a 20s style dress out of an old bedsheet (I’ve also made a shirt out of the same material, you may remember from a previous #FashionFridays post).

#FashionFridays homemade 1920s style dress Continue reading “#FashionFridays”


This week I’ve gone and gotten a little bit wartime on myself (that sounds like a dodgy euphemism).

As I have previously mentioned I am not buying any new clothes this year, I am allowed to buy second hand and vintage and I’m allowed to make my clothes, the problem with this being that I’m too poor to buy vintage clothes and whilst I’m a pretty good sewer I’m certainly not good enough to furnish an entire wardrobe. So I decided to set myself a challenge – I would make a shirt! A shirt without sleeves (there is such a thing as too much of a challenge)! However, this being the first shirt I’d ever made and my patience levels being naturally quite low, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on nice fabric when it could all potentially end up in an oddly attached mess and/or covered in my tears.

This is where the wartime bit comes in, I bought an old bed sheet from a charity shop for £2 in lew of expensive fabric and lo, I did make a shirt!

Recycle a bedsheet into a shirt

How to make a shirt from a bedsheet #FashionFriday

That’s me with Vera by the way, she’s my new bestie.

Recycled bedsheet into a shirt #FashionFridays

Also I have enough bed sheet left to make a dress! And I found a really lovely pattern that was only 75p in a bargain box because it didn’t have an envelope – not altogether sure what the finished product will look like but I’m sure as going to have fun finding out!

It also means that with all included, interfacing and buttons and things, I think I’ve probably managed to get myself a new shirt and matching dress for about £10. I’m really enjoying this whole No New thing!

Make your own shirt

Moral of the story: less money on clothes, more money on fizz. Ooooh yeeeeeh.


I love old ladies. Not in a weird way, I just love their style. I spent all of last week trying to look like a cool skier person and it’s just not in me, I don’t have the ‘thing’. I call ‘ski pants’ salopettes, my sunglasses are prescription and I burn like a ginger person, the whole baggy ‘ski pants’, cool sunglasses that somehow look good when combined with a slightly grungy hat and a ski-bum goggle-tan just completely passes me by. I tried but it turns out that I’m just more of a woollen jumper, felt hat kind of gal (we all knew that already), so this week I’ve just embraced it.

old lady style fashion fridays

I like to think of this look as an older Audrey Hepburn dressing for a slightly wintery lunch in the garden of her Swiss safe haven, La Paisible. The skirt is from a Holyake charity shop, Holyake is the capital of old people, so I shop there all the time. On the downside it did take me about 3 weeks of airing this skirt in the garden to try and irradicate the smell of old ladies perfume and fag smoke from the 60s – it’s a little less musky now, I’m trying to embrace the scent as just part of the old lady look!

There is also something of espionage about the whole look…

Fashion Fridays Spy Style

As far as I’m concerned a day isn’t complete if you haven’t pretended to be following ‘a mark’ at some point during its unfolding. Plus this coat was also bought for £14 from a charity shop and I only bought it because there is a lady at my Oma’s residential home called Anise who has a mac just like it and I completely love her style, it’s like older Audrey meets older Katherine Hepburn – bliss. Yes I bought this coat to emulate a 72 year old with Alzheimers, but the woman looks good, there’s no two ways about it, I’ve never seen anyone rock Marks & Spencer’s loafers quite like it. Plus (and this is the best bit), I wore this exact outfit to the care home the other day and when I walked past Anise she said “you look good!” Score.

Fashion Fridays Old Lady Style

Happy Friday everyone!

How To…

…Get Seriously Self-Righteous

My new year’s resolution this year was to buy no new clothes for the entirety of 2015, so I thought I would let you know how it’s going; pretty well! The other day I did have to go shopping with my soon-to-be Mother-in-Law (for her wedding outfit!) and it was a little bit like taking a sugar-addicted Diabetic to a Ye Olde Sweet Shop UNTIL I found a top and dress in the French Connection section of John Lewis which was made from exactly the same material that I bought for £3 a metre in Vietnam and have also made a top and a dress from. There are only three differences; that my material is purple not white (although the pattern is EXACTLY the same); some lining choices and that in its complete entirety my dress AND top cost me around £20 to make (including material, pattern, zips and lining, etc) and the French Connection Dress is £125 and the top costs £85. This is EXACTLY why I decided to do No New (well one of main the reasons anyway). I have been walking round with an entirely self-righteous air ever since.

The dress:

Make your own dress!

The top:

make your own clothes

An image of the material the French Connection top and dress is made from:

If you wish to see the remarkable similarities between the four garments I would suggest you type ‘French Connection Nebraska’ into the search section of the John Lewis website.

I know that I was lucky enough to stumble across (quite literally, the market was very small and the stall owners insisted on napping on the floor) this fabric in a far off land but doesn’t it just go to show what we’re actually paying for when we buy expensive dresses from highstreet designers?

I will be posting up more pictures of my No New year shortly but for the meantime I’d just like to say SUCK ON THAT MODERN CONSUMERISM.

#justsaying (/shouting).


How to dress for an Eclipse – there is an outfit for every occasion.

This morning I woke up and two amazing things happened; no. 1: Chris was in my bed! Or as he likes to call it “our” bed, but as he’s away 15 weeks of the year I’m claiming ownership. His last stint in foreign lands was pretty hard for me so it was a nice little celebration to wake up next to his sleepy face. No. 2: THERE WAS AN ECLIPSE! There won’t be another one of these until 2026 and there may not even be a world by then (can anyone say “Nuclear War”?) so I was up drinking tea and staring at the sky from about 7.30am, which resulted in one of my favourite #FashionFridays ever…

#FashionFridays How To Dress For An Eclipse

Yes that is my favourite nightie and yes I do dress like Miss Marple in my sleep as well as in my wake but this nightie also doubles as Elizabeth Bennet and sometimes Deadly Ghost of an Ex Lover in the 1900s.

I did try looking at the sun through sun glasses but that just resulted in a lot of multi-coloured flashing so I ventured into the attic to fetch my trusty ski goggles, these bad boys have seen me through (pun) two seasons as a ski instructor so I thought it only right that they get to experience a solar eclipse as well.

How to dress for a solar eclipse #FashionFridays

All in all I think it was a pretty good beginning to a Friday and after watching one of the wonders of our mental universe my #FashionFridays got a little more stylish…


…or not, depends on which side of the old lady nightie debate you fall.

Happy Friday!



…got Floral!


So I have been welcoming in the spring with a floral celebration. I know Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada wouldn’t be impressed but I’m not that impressed by her either (the character Miranda Priesly I mean, not Meryl Streep, I am of course, like everybody else under the opinion that she is a good witchy goddess of a woman) and spring time means flowers pushing their determined little way through the cold, mostly dead, earth of winter, which I believe is cause for great celebration!

spring time florals, fashion fridays

Not only is the spring time for florals but also time for BROGUES! In the winter one wears boots, apart from those stupid girls you see on the train wearing dolly-shoe-pump things which result in their feet looking the white colour of corpse feet (they’re also the ones that have those tiny umbrellas), anyhoo the winter is for boots, I do look at my brogues and think “I really do want to” but then I realise that my socks are three times thicker than my duvet and pick up my boots, but not anymore!

spring time is brogue time!
Spring time is brogue time!

So of course, this #FashionFridays is flower and brogue based, I’ve toned it down on my outfit, but apparently not in my house…

Spring floral furniture

Spring florals!

knitting, sewing, crafting, florals, Miss Marple
Too much?

Chris always complains that our house looks too much like a Miss Marple set but up until now I’ve always thought he was over-reacting…until now.

Happy Spring!
Happy Spring!


Go long…haul!

Someone recently asked me what I was going to wear on a very long flight from a very cold British 5am to a nice warm Vietnamese afternoon, so I thought I’d #FashionFridays it!

How to dress for a long haul flight

This outfit can be summed up in one word – Layers.

I am obviously wearing a vest, I wear a vest every single day of the year but I’m also wearing like a silky top/t-shirt thing (technical term), with a fluffy jumper on top, a jacket on top of the fluffy jumper and big thick pashmina on top of that! Once inside the airport I removed the pashmina…

what to wear on long haul flights

…and once inside the plane I removed the jacket (and replaced the jeans with stretchy waistband yoga pants – it was a 12 hour flight)…

comfy plane pants

…and once inside the county I just had the silky top/t-shirt thing and my jacket although I have no picture of this because by this time I’d been travelling for a good 30 hours and was therefore not of mood or face for photos.

I am also of the opinion that anything is smart if it’s sparkly. Casual sneakers are transformed to perfectly acceptable restaurant shoes with the addition of glitter (and some velvet ribbon that I use instead of laces):

Sparkly travel sneakers!

All in all the layers thing worked out quite well and actually it wasn’t half as hot as Chris said it would be in Hanoi, apparently it will be in Ho Chi Minh – I’m reserving judgement, the  man made me pack shorts but everyone here is wearing puffa jackets! Lesson learned – never trust the men-folk.

I’d also like to point out that I know I look like a strange deformed pigmy in pictures no. 2 and 4, but this is only because Chris is taking it from his full height (he normally bends down to take photos of me). This is a little worrying as to him I must look like a pigmy all the time. What strange taste in women he has…


IT’S FRIDAY! Well done everybody for getting through the week. I shall now attempt to provide light entertainment by talking about today’s outfit. Sit back, relax, don’t forget the fizz – the fizz is important.

There is one character in my life who gets me through the tough times, the good times, the onesie times, the knitting times…all times really. It is of course the wonderful Miss Marple. I love her with a most ardent passion and my admiration often prompts some dress up, as is my way.

Miss Marple Dress up Costume

When I’m feeling good, or need a bit of gumption I do a little Post-Modern Marple. This must at all times involve tweed, luckily for me I have quite the collection…

Tweed collection, vintage clothing

What kind of self-respecting Marple wannabe would I be without it?

This particular costume does, however, pose one intensely troubling problem – which hat?

Miss Marple Felt Hat Dress-up

Big bow?

Miss Marple Sleuthing hat!

Nothing says “sleuth” like a wide brim.

Miss Marple dress-up hats


Of course the torment of choosing the right hat does add a certain drama to the daily task of dressing ones self, however, what kind of Post-Modern Marple would I be without some serious drama in my life?

After much soul searching this is the choice I ended up with…

Miss Marple Costume

And of course the legendary Miss Marple wouldn’t be caught DEAD (couldn’t let that pun pass me by) without a warm knitted scarf and a nice pair of leather gloves.

Wearing this most tweedy of outfits I ventured off to visit my Oma in her care home thinking her and her fellow residents would enjoy it, old people are after all my kind of people, however as soon as I walked into the lounge the particularly feisty Edith pointed and laughed. Ouch. But my Oma loved it and wherever Agatha Christie is I’m definitely sure does too!

Happy Friday!