I’m fed up of the “got…” thing because invariably it’s just “old” or “witchy”. So now it’s just “!” – better, I’m sure you’ll agree.

This week I’m being mostly woolly…

Dressed at Katherine Hepburn on On Golden Pond!

I am, of course, dressed as the legend Katherine Hepburn. It’s a mixture of Katherine Hepburn winter gardening in her New York allotment plot and Ethel Thayer (Hepburn’s character from ‘On Golden Pond’ – “you old poop!”).

Dressed up as Katherine Hepburn

If you haven’t seen ‘On Golden Pond’ then go, go now! Don’t go out on this coldest of Friday nights, stay in and watch Jane Fonda and her dad hate each other while Katherine Hepburn provides the ultimate voice of wisdom and forest knowledge.

Small warning; this look can be taken too far…

dungarees and sheep skin!

I was actually just about to leave the house like this and my mum took one look at me and burst out laughing. I couldn’t really fathom why my outfit has caused this response so I made her take a picture of me and upon seeing the evidence I did indeed understand why I caused such hilarity. My Katherine Hepburn words of wisdom to anyone adopting the look would be: three jumpers is too many jumpers.

That is my advice, the rest is up to you…