Hallo, Ich heisse Lieselotte!

I don’t normally do Facebook quizzes (I’m very much not interested in “Finding out which Disney Princess” I am as I believe it would be of great detriment to my relatively well-working brain) but recently one popped up on my feed called “What is your 1920s German name?”, how could I resist? So after answering a series of very thought provoking questions I was told that my 1920s German name is Lieselotte, which understandably I was over the moon about (no one wants to end up with Helga…or Adolph). This test also gave me the excuse (not that I really needed one) to dress up for the day.

I recently made a 20s style dress out of an old bedsheet (I’ve also made a shirt out of the same material, you may remember from a previous #FashionFridays post).

#FashionFridays homemade 1920s style dress Continue reading “#FashionFridays”


This week I’ve gone and gotten a little bit wartime on myself (that sounds like a dodgy euphemism).

As I have previously mentioned I am not buying any new clothes this year, I am allowed to buy second hand and vintage and I’m allowed to make my clothes, the problem with this being that I’m too poor to buy vintage clothes and whilst I’m a pretty good sewer I’m certainly not good enough to furnish an entire wardrobe. So I decided to set myself a challenge – I would make a shirt! A shirt without sleeves (there is such a thing as too much of a challenge)! However, this being the first shirt I’d ever made and my patience levels being naturally quite low, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on nice fabric when it could all potentially end up in an oddly attached mess and/or covered in my tears.

This is where the wartime bit comes in, I bought an old bed sheet from a charity shop for £2 in lew of expensive fabric and lo, I did make a shirt!

Recycle a bedsheet into a shirt

How to make a shirt from a bedsheet #FashionFriday

That’s me with Vera by the way, she’s my new bestie.

Recycled bedsheet into a shirt #FashionFridays

Also I have enough bed sheet left to make a dress! And I found a really lovely pattern that was only 75p in a bargain box because it didn’t have an envelope – not altogether sure what the finished product will look like but I’m sure as going to have fun finding out!

It also means that with all included, interfacing and buttons and things, I think I’ve probably managed to get myself a new shirt and matching dress for about £10. I’m really enjoying this whole No New thing!

Make your own shirt

Moral of the story: less money on clothes, more money on fizz. Ooooh yeeeeeh.

My Daily Creations!

A week or so ago I decided that I would create one thing every day, in the hopes of pulling myself out of depression, living a more creative as well as active existence and getting the creative juices flowing on the whole business building, making money thing. So far it’s going quite well, I’ve been busy knitting and sewing, emailing and networking and I have to say that I am indeed feeling hopeful on all counts and it all started with a pom pom…

Create something every day

knitted hat, create something every day

And since then things have been progressing nicely…

knitted table placements, create something new every day

handmade bridesmaid dress, create something every day

shabby chic candelabra, create something new every day

Create something new every day

knitted coasters, create something new every day

wedding bunting! create something new every day

handmade wedding invites, create something new every day!
Evening wedding invites!

The days can still be dark but spending some hours writing, knitting, sewing, making and creating provide vital and much treasured moments of light. I think the important thing is not to push it, to do one or two really good things a day, rather than three of four not so good ones. I would encourage anyone struggling to see the light to do the same.

handmade table runner, create something new every day!


By the by, if you click on the above image it’ll take you to my Etsy shop – just so you know…



…got shamelessly self-promotional.

So in a previous blog I mentioned that I’d started making clothes with my trusty teenage sewing machine. The clothing thing is still going pretty well and with Christmas on the Horizon and with my newly acquired unemployment status I turned once again to my trusty sewing machine to furnish my loved ones with lovingly homemade, handmade gifts. Which gave me an idea. What if I tried to sell them to people who I don’t love? (I will of course love these people if they buy my wares, in fact when the first one goes I’m hoping its to a person in lands foreign because otherwise I’m going to have to strongly resist the urge to go to their house and kiss them on the lips.) So in the name of shameless self-promotion I thought I’d write a blog post about it – with of course helpful links to the selling items…

I came across some really beautifully Christmasy fabrics in an Aladdin’s Cave of a fabric shop in Cardiff but being the tight-fisted, or more pleasingly termed thrifty (lovely word) gal that I am, I’m not too keen on things that can only be used at Christmas; spending money on something you’re only going to use for one month of the 12 that are on offer seems a little silly. So when I found the below fabric I thought it simply perfect for Christmas as well as the rest of the year or indeed any pending nuptials that are on the horizon of 2015.

shabby chic hearts and lace table runner, perfect for weddings

shabby chic hearts and lace table runner, perfect for weddings

So I made a few table runners and they turned out really well but I couldn’t for the life of me find the right beaded, tasselly nonsense to stick on the pointy bits until my mum said, “why don’t you use lace?” – genius.

shabby chic hearts and lace table runner, perfect for weddings

And thus this rather festive yet romantic shabby chic (when I proof read this I realised that auto-correct had changed that to chubby chic – just had to share that with you) number was born…

shabby chic hearts and lace table runner, perfect for weddings and Christmas

shabby chic hearts and lace table runner, perfect for weddings

Handmade shabby chic hearts and lace table runner, perfect for weddings and Christmas

You should probably buy one – in fact you can do so here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/214917034/a-beautiful-handmade-hearts-and-lace? Convenient.

But if hearts and Christmas aren’t your thing I have another option going on as well…

Handmade shabby chic polka dots and lace table runner, perfect for weddings

Handmade shabby chic polka dots and lace table runner, perfect for weddings

IMG_1657Handmade shabby chic polka dots and lace table runner, perfect for weddings

I think you should probably buy this one too, buy it here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/214922338/a-beautiful-handmade-shabby-chic-blue? Equally as convenient.

Of course anything can be made to order; if you need something to match a pair of curtains, or your plates, or the colour of your eyes, or whatever, just get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

Other designs on the horizon are: too sparkly to resist…

Handmade sparkly table runner, perfect for weddings and Christmas

…and über nautical:

Handmade nautical table runner

Lengthy advertisement over… well not quite – if none of this is quite wooly enough for you then I’m right there with you, stay tuned for the next Arts and Crafts blog which will involve knitted hats, tea cosies and egg cosies (such a thing does exist – and they’re really quite cute)! If you think tea cosies are boring and only for old ladies, then quite clearly you’ve never seen a sparkly tea cosy…